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Nikki M Bascome

New Hanover County Board of Education


I grew up in New Hanover County Schools, raised two adult children in New Hanover County Schools, I have two children currently in New Hanover County Schools, and I work in New Hanover County Schools.  Now it is time for me to serve our community, serve YOU as New Hanover County School Board member.


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Schools over Politics

It is time to stop this pendulum from swinging to extremes.  Our schools deserve better, our children deserve better, and our staff deserve better.  They are not a prize to be won in this tug of war game of identity politics.  


Strengthen Relationships

I believe all children thrive and succeed as productive members of our community when raised in an environment where families and educators work together.  As executive director of a successful autism non-profit, I have the unique opportunity to work with, work for, and facilitate relationships with many diverse volunteers, families, sponsors, and community leaders for over 18 years. As YOUR board member I will lead by example, leaning on this experience to support and encourage meaningful communication between board members, staff, and families, creating an open atmosphere of problem solving and trust at every level of education.


Fiscal Accountability

As owner and operator of a successful in-home childcare facility and the first FIVE STAR in-home child care facility in New Hanover County I have the background and knowledge to hold our district fiscally responsible. I will prioritize staff working directly with ALL of our children while keeping educational standards top priority.  We are coming into a very tough budget year with our school district brought on by bad decisions in prior leadership.  It will take many partners to work through it but we can pull together and get the job done.


Policy and Curriculum Reliability

While an early childhood consultant for a non-profit in our community, I developed and implemented trainings based on age-appropriate practices and positive discipline techniques.  I will utilize this knowledge to ensure all curriculums used in the classroom and materials available to our children are age and developmentally appropriate while also keeping in line with federal and state laws.  Through the use of the NHCS Family Advisory Council recommendations, teacher voices and student voices, I will assist and confirm all families, staff, and student have the necessary resources to navigate and understand policies and curriculums.   




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